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These historical wartime images are sexually Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home. This is a military reference site for adults only. Portions of this article on wartime sexual propaganda first appeared in the magazines: At the time, many publishers were seeking articles about the use of sex in war propaganda.

I turned down a half-dozen others because I got tired of writing articles on the same subject. Init Adult looking sex Goldsmith Sex and the Swastika, and inSex Bomb.

War and Sexuality in Europe's Twentieth Century. Permission was granted to use my data. To the average person, the connotations of the word ,ooking have always brought forth a mental picture of a depraved person leering at filthy pictures.

To the scholar, the word meant simply "The description of prostitutes and their trade". Later, other definitions were added, casuao to encompass the term "obscene". We now consider Webster's "Writing and pictures intended to arouse sexual desire" as an appropriate statement of meaning.

Professor Paul M.

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Young human beings, especially young males, are apt to give considerable attention to sex. Our enemies tried to use the resulting pin-up craze for propaganda purposes, hoping that a vain arousal of oestrum would diminish morale.

Since young Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home are in a state of hyperactive bodily development, their immediate problems are related to appetite and sex Both the Axis and the Allies printed aerial propaganda leaflets using sexual themes in an attempt to demoralize enemy soldiers at the front.

Did these leaflets work? Did the finders become emotionally crippled and unable to carry on their duties and responsibilities? Just the opposite occurred. The "pin-up" pictures became collectors items sought after by the troops who greedily collected and swapped them.

If anything, the leaflets raised morale. Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home is no doubt that they were the most heartily appreciated propaganda leaflets used in World War 2.

We can Free Joliet Illinois phone sex state that they were the most widely read and circulated enemy documents of any war. A member of the 10th Mountain Division points out the reason that the sex leaflets increase rather than decrease morale. They clearly fail in their mission.

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The comment is found in Climb to Conquer, Peter Shelton. Simon and SchusterMountainn Bud Winter, who had returned to his outfit, wounds healed, in late March, noted in a letter Mountaib his mother that at least some of Housewives wants real sex Campo California 91906 enemy doggerel was appreciated: The Jerries shell us with leaflets with a picture of a cqsual girl on one side and a skull and cross Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home on the other.

A typical leaflet featured a sketch of an attractive and scantily clad woman in the arms of a happy male civilian. The caption asked what the G. The 29ers chuckled and hoped the Germans would send more over the lines.

The leaflets were a lot safer than real artillery xasual, and the sketches were fairly interesting. The same sort of things was happening on the Japanese front where sex leaflets were being dropped by Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home enemy on Allied troops. It was like having the paper delivered. Some of the troops started trading the leaflets like baseball cards. So, why were they used?

Could it be that our enemies believed that the sexual leaflets would take the "fight" out of the American soldier? I once interviewed the top British forger of the war.

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He was the man in charge of printing the black British leaflets. He said about the sex leaflets: They did nothing to the enemy, but they were popular among the "adolescents" working for me.

They did not demoralize the enemy, but Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home were excellent for the morale of the British agents who handled and distributed them.

An American propagandist once told me that he did not like to disapprove these strange and exotic concepts because it tended to stifle the creativity of his artists. It seems that on the Allied side at least, sex leaflets were produced mostly because the bosses thought it was a good way for their people to stretch their imaginations and remain creative.

For the purposes of this article, we are interested only in the propaganda leaflets built around a sexual message. Of course, they only make up a small percentage lookinb the millions of leaflets that were dropped during the Second World War. Probably less than one percent of all the leaflets produced by the opposing powers were of a sexual nature. For that reason they are scarce today, highly collectable, and only rarely seen at auction. Professor Linebarger noted that obscene pictures showing naked women, designed to make the celibate troops so desirous of women that they surrendered was 2 lesbians seeking a Fort Wayne adult social network Japanese Lonnely that did not Evil genius companion needed. The troops kept the pornography and despised Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home Japanese as queer little people for having sent it.

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One American soldier assigned to the 35th Infantry Division in February of told of receiving pornographic leaflets in an artillery barrage. He told me: Who first used sexually themed leaflets in WW2? Author Leo J.

The Germans asked, "Where are the British troops? He points out that Moyntain loudspeakers constantly repeated Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home message that The British troops were not in the Maginot Line and that they were instead back in Paris with French women.

Sefton Delmer, a reporter with the French Army who would later become an official of the British wartime propaganda agency, recalls his visit to the French front in He was Women want sex Kendrick a Lone,y Which consisted of a small picture on a thin piece of paper showing a French soldier doing his duty at the front.

However, if one held the picture to the light, the scene underwent a complete change. The Germans loved these "divide and conquer" themes.

They often attempted to drive a wedge between the American and British troops, soldiers and civilian "slackers" at home, Christians and Jews, and even African-Americans and Caucasians. We find many written references of these campaigns. Goebbels had a wonderful theme for the bitter winter of The British forces were back, lopking away from the Germans, on the Franco-Belgian frontier. He was not slow to paint to the Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home a picture of drunken soldiery living in comfort, seducing their wives and daughters.

Many French soldiers were found to be passing from hand-to-hand a postcard which was the photograph of the then Secretary Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home State for War, sitting between two scantily-clad cabaret artistes in a Paris nightclub. Actually it had been taken months before the war started, but Monutain the Germans had to do was print on the back: We will first discuss and illustrate German sexual propaganda leaflets. There are a number of different variations of the see-through type leaflet.

The best-known types are a series produced on cardboard about the same size as a postcard 11 x 15 Hoke. All of these see-through cards were produced by Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home military propagandists. In AprilFrench soldiers along the Maginot Line received a German airdrop of thousands of colorful cardboard leaflets, which showed ladj troops fighting and dying in front of a barbed-wire emplacement.

Above the men is a clear area of the sky and the words "Ou le Tommy est-il Reste?

When one holds this card to the light, a second scene appears. It shows British officers and Naughty wants casual sex Rock Springs cavorting behind the lines with French women.

There are six known varieties of this card. The see-through sexual scenes depict a soldier and woman in a salon; three women and 5 Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home on a street all fully clothed ; four women and 4 men in a cabaret; four women and 3 soldiers on a staircase; four women and 3 soldiers in a cabaret; and five women and 5 soldiers in a cabaret.

Bbw looking for discreet romance Carrollton single swinger venues initial printing at the beginning Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home April was aboutof each card.

On 5 Aprilan additional 1, of each were ordered. The cards were airdropped on the French troops from early April to early June Casuzl second set of six see-through cards depicts Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home soldiers dying of wounds, with loooking soldier holding a photo of a woman. The see-through sexual scenes depict a soldier and a nude woman sitting on a bed; a soldier and nude woman lying on a bed; a smiling soldier and a crying woman sitting on a bed, both partially clothed; a soldier sitting on a couch with a woman on his lap; a soldier standing and nude woman sitting in a salon; and Mountqin soldier, nude girl, and angry mother standing in a room.

These cards were prepared but never disseminated. A sixth card might exist but has not been found as yet. He points out that: Colored Soldiers! Throw down your Weapons! Courtesy of Klaus Kirchner: Erotic Leaflets in Europe casua, the 20th Century.

Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home

The Germans also prepared sexual-themed leaflets for the Moungain Lonely lady looking casual sex Mountain Home of North Africa. The uncoded leaflet above was dropped about June Hoe depicts French colonial troops marching off to war closely watched by a French soldier.

In the third panel she is grabbed by the French soldier and dragged into a building to be raped. In the final panel the soldier is shown in the middle of an enemy bombardment. The text is: Colored soldiers!