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Indian Journal of Gender Studies http: Email Wantinv This article attempts to scrutinise the clamorous voices of the print culture: The second half of the century witnessed a definite cultural focus on the Indian woman. The article explores the multifaceted and pluralistic representation of the Indian woman, ranging from prurient accounts of native female sensuality and discussion of social reform issues to laudatory inscriptions of wifely devotion and the sati. In other words, the image of the Indian woman was constantly being reconstituted and proscriptions of her sensuousness were wznting with prescriptions of passive feminine behaviour.

I am grateful to Professor Meenakshi Mukherjee for her comments and suggestions on anearlier draft of this paper, to the Charles Wallace India Trust for an academic grant that enabled me to collect research materials in London, and to the Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla for an Associateship during which this paper was completed.

Downloaded from http: For nearly nIdia years then, discursive writings of the Anglo-Indian com- munity foregrounded the Indian woman. In Indua to missionary writ- ings that had in the past dwelt on the subject of Indian women, the new generation of Anglo-Indian newspapers, journals, travel writings, India black woman wanting sex well as studies by memsahib writers discussed different facets of such a woman. A feature of this discursive writing was the India black woman wanting sex that the bulk of it was by memsahibs themselves-which was also a reflection of the significant presence in colonial India of the middle-class white woman by this time.

In fact it Woman seeking sex tonight Honokaa Hawaii on the Indian woman in several issues during the period to This article then is an attempt to scrutin- ise the clamorous voices of this culture: Indian Bibi-White Sahib: The Problem of Miscegenation The fact that historical interracial relationships in India were, as in most empires, also sexual in nature, involving the white man and the Indian bibi in this context, concubineit is perhaps a strong enough indication Downloaded from http: Initially, the pattern here as in all European empires tended towards intermarriage with local women so that by the midth century it is estimated that 90 per cent of Englishmen in India had formally mar- Sexy lady seeking sex tonight Cortez either Eurasian or Indian women.

Generally, however, by around the s, India black woman wanting sex to India black woman wanting sex social India black woman wanting sex his- torical factors, shifts and changes became increasingly evident in attitudes to miscegenation, which came to be frowned upon by both society and the colonial government; even having a bibi gradually became a matter of shame, meeting with sharp social and official disapproval.

The diverse reasons for this change included the events ofwhich caused a rift between the races, the establishment of empire, a consequent Looking for my matesprit of an aloof imperial identity and, perhaps most important, the encourage- ment by the government of white, resident wives.

The ethos of empire came to be rooted in a middle-class sensibility marked by a India black woman wanting sex for India black woman wanting sex self-contained English-style society-as it was felt that the stability of em- pire necessitated, among other things, the reaction of such a society moulded on the pattern of home. In a sense then, the newly-arrived generation of white women were effectively positioned as sexual rivals to the Indian bibi and were deployed, as it were, to disrupt the existing rela- tionships between European men and their concubines.

An Indian mistress came to be constructed as a threat to white cultural Downloaded from http: However, beyond the seams of Anglo-Indian discursive writings, which maintained a silence on the subject, the keeping of Indian concubines continued in actual practice, especially in a covert fashion in remote far-flung planta- tions or distant mofussil postings Macmillan But, undoubtedly, even if secret sexual liaisons with Indian women con- tinued to be tolerated in the submerged, secret life of the community, interracial marriage became a cultural anathema.

In a somewhat earlier era another important group of Indian women India black woman wanting sex interacted on an erotic plane with the European coloniser before the large-scale arrival of the memsahibs were the courtesans or nautch dan- cing girls. These women, some of whom had great talent, formed a part of British cross-cultural social life in India from the 18th century till about the middle of the next.


The nautch constituted a popular form of enter- tainment during formal interactions between British colonials and wealthy Indians Kincaid To the Anglo- Indian gaze the practice signified Eastern decadence and institutionalised sensuality, occupying a space outside the familiar and containable one of domestic space. Unlike in England, however, no appeals against detention were possible on the part of the women, and there was no upper time limit for detention Ballhatchet Clearly then, embedded in this situation was the disturbing potential of an oppositional site within the very heart of Anglo-Indian domesticity, which threatened to undermine colonial hierarchies within the colonial nursery and to dismantle barriers between ruler and ruled Chaudhuri In addition, since the colonial rulers were most comfortable with groups whom they perceived as socially subordinate, social categories such India black woman wanting sex Downloaded from http: In keeping with the masculinist bias and philathleticism of metropolitan England of the s and s, with its public school ethos, these gender constructs revealed not only a colonial preference for a supposedly unthreatening rural simplicity but also a noticeable empha- sis on physical fitness and athleticism.

Behind the Veil: Access India black woman wanting sex this world of women was available in a limited and closely monitored fashion India black woman wanting sex English women alone. Towards the latter part of the century access took the form of the occasional, Agricola cock play this evening purdah visits to the homes of Indian women by memsahibs.

More frequent were female missionary visits behind the veil, in the form of zenana schools or, from wantinh s onwards, as Inria part of the Female Medical Aid programme. Ses, the colonial reform programme was so much undergirded by the psychosexual desire to possess the body of the Indian woman as it were that in the last phase of India black woman wanting sex controversy which surrounded the Age of Consent Act Indian journalists attacked wanging British for harbouring lascivious intentions Adult want real sex Tallahassee Florida 32301 the facade of the law.

This is a question constantly asked by those who are being aroused to sympathy for their Hindu sisters. The women have always the worst part of the house assigned [to] them Weitbrecht Not unlike the memsahib, the purdahnashin women who observed purdah too were inscribed as idle, whatever may have been the actual household burden they had to bear. Whether they were constructed as being more vulnerable to nervous disorders or whether the womwn instances of mental breakdown were socially caused through the stresses that they were subjected to needs India black woman wanting sex be investigated further and cannot be established with the present data.

A variety of constructs of the zenana are available for that period. However, while one missionary opinion located it as an oppressive world under the tyranny of the mother-in-law Weitbrecht Most notably, Maud Diver valorised the community behind the purdah India black woman wanting sex by the Big Mother or grandmother.

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She argued that life behind the purdah was in fact less Downloaded from http: Diver constructed purdah as a female domain with plenty of human communication, generating thereby a dominant myth of a privileged and pristine female space, which even today continues India black woman wanting sex have wide currency. Different views prevailed about lback origin of the social practice of seclu- sion.

Although some still believed that it was the result of Qanting con- quest, from around the s onwards the general Anglo-Indian opinion. Prurience and Prejudice: Sometimes this results in indulging in near-pornographic fantasising about female sexuality as well as lesbi- anism behind the veil Alloula Consequently, Anglo-India too con- structed the zenana woman as dangerously sensual and in need of being sexually contained or reshaped.

Thus, at various and different levels vlack discursive writings foregrounded the languid sensuality of female life behind the veil. Then again Horny woman of Matamoros inscribed as sensual was the sari.

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In fact, even somewhat earlier in the first half of the 19th century, Fanny Parks, an otherwise enthusiastic admirer of most things Indian, expressed her reservations about the Single and wanting to try this that she saw worn by Calcutta zenana ladies: On beholding their attire I was no longer surprised that no other men than their husbands were permitted to enter the zenana Bpack India black woman wanting sex It consisted of a blouse, an under-petticoat worn beneath the sari, along with shoes Borthwick Moreover, the Indian female was sometimes India black woman wanting sex with an exotic feminine mystique, the mythical sensuous appeal of the hidden Indian women heightened by reports of their beauty and allure.

One specific Anglo-Indian view saw power in the zenana and dis- cerned within the oppression of the veil a form of female domination over men.

She is neither a slave nor a drudge She, on the contrary, exercises a considerable influence on the domestic and social concerns of the Hindu Indeed, this kind of construct that continued to be reiterated, inscribing the tyranny of the purdah their menfolk, had several other women over complex implications besides that of female sensuality.

On the other hand, behind this myth of female purdah power there also lay inextricably intertwined the paradigm of the devoted Indian woman. The Ideal of the Sacrificing Indian Wife Serving India black woman wanting sex strengthen this myth of female devotion was the influence of British Orientalism of the 18th and 19th centuries where scholars like Wil- liam Jones and H. Colebrooke had India black woman wanting sex the spiritual and devoted Vedic woman of a noble, historical past.

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The practice of sati had of course Hot wife Felton Pennsylvania banned by legislation blackkbut even qanting the past, despite its opposition to widow immolation, the European imagination seems to have been fired at some level by the image of bum- ing women, inspiring horror but, in an attitude full of ambivalences, also some kind of covert admiration Chakravarti More so, now that it was no longer seen as such a pressing contemporary problem although in actual fact instances of sati still did occur covertlyby midth cen- tury the practice was inscribed with more ambivalences than ever.

For instance, Speier, equated sati with India black woman wanting sex love Speier Inddia was in keeping with this mid- and lateth-century gender ideology that the idea of sacrifice and female passivity was valorised as a kind of feminine strength by Urquhart India black woman wanting sex social practices that it identified included the problems of female infanticide, child marriage, polygamy, female illiteracy and, of Downloaded from India black woman wanting sex There are thousands upon thousands even in Calcutta who Idnia con- sider themselves defiled by Naughty women in Luxembourg hands with a European Euro- pean ladies visiting the zenanas owman with the feeling most strongly womaan the elderly Hindoo ladies Among the issues concerning the Hindu woman, the situation of the upper-caste widow was the one most often highlighted.

Thus, missionary writings, even when Downloaded from http: For instance, newspapers like The Madras Mail and The Friend of India especially gave wide coverage to the growth and development of schools for girls during the years to Sex dating in Jacksontown reform measures in the earlier part of the 19th century had taken the form of legislations wantnig social evils, by the second half of the cen- tury the focus had shifted to the gradual removal of esx evils by recasting and reshaping the minds of Indian women through education.

Education was perceived as a means to strengthen and shape female morality and equip Indian women to be good Wating and mothers. The concept of the Bengali bhadramahila genteel womanfor instance, which came into prominence around this time that is, the s and s was, among other factors, a product of the Westernisation of Bengali male reformers.

We may remind ourselves that Victorian female emancipation Hoping for a Santa ana perfect blissful day ments were at their height in contemporary Britain. Indeed, this category albeit numerically small India black woman wanting sex Indian women- Westernised, middle-class and educated-remained virtually ignored in India black woman wanting sex of the Anglo-Indian discursive writings, for example, in the press and journals.

Nonetheless, she was careful to caution: Possibly behind this otherwise studied silence on highly educated Indian women were feelings of insecurity regarding a category of Indians perceived as potentially subversive politically, culturally as well as socially.

With the universities of Madras and Calcutta being opened to women even before the University of London the first B. As we have seen, the colonisers claimed to give to the gender question enormous weightage, inscribing themselves as the great emancipators of Indian womanhood. This indeed lends an even greater significance to the subject and necessitates India black woman wanting sex brief examination of the issue.

It sup- ported J. In the s Christina Bremner Recent research has focused on the perceptions of British feminists Downloaded from http: Critiquing Western feminist self-assertion, she went on to India black woman wanting sex out that for the Indian woman marriage was an occasion for self-denial rather than self-assertion. This of course meant that the image of the Indian woman was con- stantly being constituted and reconstituted.

Indeed, the European woman and the Indian often came to be, implicitly or otherwise, set off against one another.

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Although, as we have earlier seen, it was the memsahib who India black woman wanting sex generally inscribed as the female role-model for the emerging bhadramahila, yet sometimes this comparison was in fact to the distinct disadvantage of the Sweet housewives looking hot sex Hinesville woman.

Clearly betraying deeply-rooted anxieties about the Downloaded from http: Noticeably, many of these disapproving voices were those of middle-class India black woman wanting sex women in colonial India-women like Steel-who often themselves participated in this strategy of gender- containment, thereby indicating the complex and even contradictory nature of patriarchal ideologies and their hegemonic hold over the colony.

Notes 1.

The jour- nal focused on the Indian woman in several issues during the periodcovering Downloaded from http: The Pioneer, 22 Octoberpp.