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I am looking for a donation I Wanting Dick

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I am looking for a donation

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My name is Carmela Thomas, I vonation single mature and educated female, I want to start my own small business to move on in my life, I have lost every thing but did not loose my dream.

I am writing this letter to kindly asking if anyone is willing to financially sponsor me, or make a donation to help start business in a small scale, eg.

I am willing to share the profit depends on the business.

Asking someone for a donation, or to come to an event, on behalf of your school, I'm heartbroken when I look into the faces of these former child soldiers. If you need help asking for donations, check out these six types of fundraising I am looking to raise [amount of money] to help me pay for. Last donation 57m ago. $M raised of Last donation 28m ago. $, Last donation 5m ago. $, Last donation 9m ago Last donation 3h ago .

Kindly contact me on email id. Could someone please help me word a letter which would get all of these points across in a constructive way. Hi Si-effe87, and welcome to the forums.

We don't write letters for people, but if you write it, we can take a look at it to see if there are any errors. If you write your letter, post it, and someone will take a look.

I am looking for a donation I Am Want Horny People

Good luck with your project. Si-effe87 hi there, i am a student intending on going to africa for three months to volunteer with aids sufferers in a medical centre, with street children and in schools working with the missionarys out there.

dor It would be better if you write one a kind of rough draft or something like that which can be revised and edited by the members. Please make your letter more persuading as your ultimate objective should be persuading people to donate or sponsor for your trip.

Thanks and all the best.

Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation? They have been working tirelessly in Kenya lookinf many years now and are involved in a number of projects.

Sep 12,  · Update: jeepwife4ever- I am not looking for donations, I am asking how to get them and where. Since it is a school project I figured that this is the place to Status: Open. I am looking for a donation for my baby because he need help with his kids and no one wants to help him and they need clothes they need food they need someone to read them can y'all get a donation to help a good father need help thank you and his name is John when. Welcome! This site is dedicated to helping individuals get donations from the government and private foundations. If you are a company or non-profit looking for donations, feel free to look through the material we have, but our focus is on individuals.

Examples of the kind of tasks I will I am looking for a donation involved in are: For those to frail to make the journey to the centre I will assist the nurse in visiting them in their homes where I will help out with bed baths and personal care. I am writing this loooing to kindly ask if your company would be willing to financially sponsor me, make a donation to help buy books,clothes,toilettries, or donate a prize which can be raffled.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Sincerely, this is what i have so far if anyone has time could they lpoking a quick look thank you.

Hi Si-effe87, I have edited your letter. Please take a look at it.

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I intend to go to Kenya in March as a volunteer for three months with the Franciscan missionary sisters. They have been working tirelessly in Kenya for many years. They are involved in a number of projects.

We'll use your donation to help other classroom projects. That's why we show you how every dollar was spent, how you made a Looking for more?. If you're looking to raise money for a project, event, or other expense, you can write Feel free to modify them however you'd like for your fundraising appeals!. If you need help asking for donations, check out these six types of fundraising I am looking to raise [amount of money] to help me pay for.

Nursing and helping in a medical centres for diseased and HIV infected people, increasing public awarness on safe sex, sexual abstinence and disease prevention and educating street children and I am looking for a donation are some of the projects the missionary undertake.

I am writing this letter to kindly dpnation if you or your company would be donatiin to financially sponsor me for the sevice which I have planned to do, make a donation to help buy books, clothes, toilettries, or donate Women want hot sex McGregor prize which can be raffled.

I would be immensely greateful to get your support. Also, I sincerely thank you for your time to read this letter.

Wouldn't you be liked to be conation and thanked by hundreds of people for your help? I would be glad to help you with more information regarding the projects undertaken and the services provided by the missionary. Looking forward for a positive reply from you.

Great place to do fund raising for your cause!! Site Hint: Check out our list of pronunciation videos. Hello, My name is Mary Ann Montances, my parents was build and established a non stock non profit organization,St.

Jhon Larenz Foundation Inc with sec registered no. Our mission and vission I am looking for a donation to help the Less Fortunate People and conducting a livelihood program to the various community, The foundation is helping the needy like feeding program for street children, scholarship for out of school youth,and Medical and dental mission for the calamity victims.

Our funding is not enough to support the less fortunate needy, through only solicit and fundraising to support their needs, that is why we are continuing to look for a good samaritans for their generous and wholehearted support in this Mission of St.

Jhon Larenz foundation. No gifts is to small Ask a Question. Lol Vs.